The Tea Drinking Couple

Oosterhout Red tea cup med low res

Tea cup, rock candy and green tea on a stone ledge 2017, oil, 9,5×12″(sold)

This  still-life  is inspired by Pieter Gerritz van Roestraten (1630-1700). Still Life with Spanish Kettle.

I use high quality oil paint and brushes.

I make  a life size drawing in great detail and  also use photographs for the fruit.

I work in multiple layers.








Suitcase full of Stilllives : joining Kunstlijn Haarlem.

Lambden, Wed Oct 14, 2015, 1:53:22 PM, 8C, 3402x4236, (338+927), 75%, Default Settin, 1/8 s, R39.3, G2.6, B13.8

Grapes in Bowl

Saturday oktober 31 HaarlemKunstlijn!!!!!

Two days of artshows from local artists in and around Haarlem.

see for more information.

I made  a nice little piece for the Vishal, Haarlem, with theme: Gold.

I’m eager to show it to you. And curious for your comments.

I’m going to have two exhibitions . One at Galerie de Provenier in the Proveniershof , four paintings,

and the other one at my friend Carina’s  house ( see program Kunstlijn) ,three still lives some silverpointdrawings and Rose pictures, from the past…….


“Still Lifes on a Ledge” at M Lowe & Company, Berkeley CA and Haarlemse Kunstlijn 2015.

oysters on the halfshell

Oysters on the Half Shell with Pearl and Columbine.(detail)

Margot Lowe and I met on the Farmers Market on Shattuck, Berkeley, CA several month’s ago when my children were playing duets on the cello and violin. How lucky was I. And now I’m having an exhibition in her fabulous jewelry shop. M Lowe & Co Jewellers.

She  has been treating me to wonderful orange blossom tea  and figs from her garden, borrowed me pearls to paint and we hang the paintings together ,which was  great fun!

I specially made  two Oyster paintings for this show because  the shop is next to famous restaurant Chez Panisse. It’s all in the Gourmet Ghetto. A place stuffed with restaurants  and nice shops and Galleries, just like Haarlem center!

And naturally oysters come with pearls so the opportunity occurred to paint a pearl, which was  great fun.

On October 22  I’ll take the exhibition down to transport the paintings to Haarlem where I will have  exhibitions with  the Haarlem Kunstlijn at Galerie de Provenier and at Carina Fernhout’s house in Molenwijk, Haarlem.

Grapes in Bowl

Grapes in a Chinese Bowl.

Also available as a giclee print.

hot lights, Mon May 04, 2015, 8:47:47 AM, 8C, 5838x7506, (90+150), 100%, Default Settin, 1/10 s, R57.4, G48.3, B88.9

Persimmons in Cup.

Also available as a giclee print.


In Search of the Perfect Bowl in China Town, San Francisco

Hanneke in Shop to find the perfect bowl for her still livesThe other week my daughter and I went to China Town, San Francisco, to search in the stores on Grant Ave for the “Perfect Bowl”.

It should be perfect for one of my still lives. Antiquing I learned the other day, is the word for that.DSC_1443 Gooseberries in cup with leaf.

As you can see in my work, I need those 17th century porcelain bowls that can hold cherries, pears,  apples, currents or any other fruit. Since I moved to Berkeley from Haarlem, where they have a huge still-live tradition, ( )in 2012 I have only bought two bowls in the shopping mole on Powel street SF. But those are new! I need aged bowls, cups  and plates, with chips off and hair cracks  and other signs of use and they are very hard to find, and if you find them they are  very expensive.

In Holland I used to go to the antique market on the Dreef in Haarlem, where they sell fantastic antiques.perfect bowlPhoto of perfect bowlDSC_3497-3 The Perfect BowlDSC_1362One of my favorites is the “klapmuts” you can see above.I bought it for 40 euro’s in 2005 on that same market. Karl and me have been using that bowl in a lot of stillifes.

We found a real antique shopDSC_1444 where they had some very beautiful bowls from the 17th century but I couldn’t afford them. So at least I know  where to go  when next time  a have sold  a painting.


My first Cherry Painting ever was done in Art School in 1979

I painted my first cherries at The Royal Academy of Arts in The Hague, the Netherlands back in 1979 when I studied with Rien Bout and Hans van der Lek.The background was a black piece of carton and the cherries were plastic!


But with these orange colored cherries  here I had  a totally different experience, Lightness, juiciness, sun.


The man who bought it said it made him think of the cherries he ate in France.

Latere I learned that these kind of cherries are also found in Michigan a lot and I see them around here in Berkeley also.


This is  an other variation which I painted much later. Luckily I made  a whole bunch of photo’s because it turned out that these cherries were not going to be available in the Netherlands for a long time. I found them once in WC Schalwijk(a shopping mole in Haarlem,the Netherlands, they came frome Chili and they were damaged buy the rain, like there skins were bursting open. Too bad.

acrylic boter kersen

This also belongs to this serie. My mother bought this one. I gave it an impressive frame from Mark Keppel at Haarlem, the Netherlands.

This one I started in acrylics and had a lot of fun using the paint sort of as if it was tempera. You can see that in the background.This is the unfinished version.

But to make it “serious I had to switch to oil, and I lost, for my feeling  a lot of the eggshell charm .


Still lives on a ledge


Cherries in Red Cup on Stone Ledge, oil on wooden panel 4×6 inch.

There is  a pendant  at Bouwens makelaardij, Haarlem, the Netherlands

This painting  was part of a Blick art show for Mothersday 2015.

I love the way the cherries pop out of the dark background.

The  one cherry out of the cup is  the one that gives the painting meaning.